Monday, March 23, 2009

Just hearing this makes me ill...

I'm just pissed over all the cuts in public education both at the secondary and post-secondary level. How in the hell are people supposed to get an education if there aren't enough resources like teachers and courses? WTF are we supposed to do?

When I hear that elementary, middle and high schools are cutting new teachers I think "how are they supposed to begin a teaching career if they're going to always be the first ones laid off?" Right now we are in a TEACHER shortage and we are laying them off. Why is there a shortage? Well because there isn't enough funding. Why isn't there enough funding?

Good question. Either school districs are mismanaging or the population of students and the expenses of running the schools is increasing. I believe in the majority of the cases the latter is the answer. What do we need to do? Raise taxes? Well I wouldn't mind paying MORE taxes to education but somehow I doubt that will do much good, the amount that would need to be raised is enormous.

What makes me angry is that we have billions for pork projects yet not enough for schools. Schools are cutting art, music, phys ed, sports, clubs and organizations, after-school programs, teachers, educational field trips, necessary equipment....the list goes on and on. These things IMO are necessary for a school to function properly. Kids need a well-rounded education that includes art and music. They need extracurricular activities to let out their steam, to maintain good health physically and mentally and to boost their intellect.

Most people I talk to who want to do more for education say they don't mind paying taxes but they're worry is that the money won't go to the schools, it will wind up used for something else. When there's so much ridiculous spending going on at the local, state and national levels, so much pork for so much shit, we're just left asking "WTF is going on here?"

Cutting funding for EDUCATION is a very bad idea if that funding is not being mismanaged. Cutting teachers and programs which are necessary is NOT the way to go.

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  1. Floridians very rarely vote for spending tax dollars on education. We are a retirement state, and retired folks now have other (important) priorities. Yes, the whole situation with education stinks. We underpay and undervalue teachers; we always cut arts and humanities first. Extracurricular? Ha. Who's going to pay for that? My son had an 8 minute recess in elementary school. Quick, can you define ADHD? Anyone who has an answer should really jump in and help. Maybe getting rid of FCAT testing and using those resources to teach could be a start.