Friday, April 03, 2009

Gee, hard up for cash are ya?

One of the fine things about working at an institution of higher education is that we have to pay to park there. In the past 15 years, I've paid about $4,000 for parking decals. Prior to a few weeks ago, only once in fifteen years did I ever receive a citation, which was waived. It was a hot day and the suction cups of my decal lost their suction, the decal had fallen off the windshield and lay on the dashboard. It was in plain view and yet I received a ticket anyway. Yep that's the way it was, the dumbass could see the decal, could see the numbers, could tell the heat popped it off, yet she wrote me a ticket anyway. I appealed it and won. That was in 1994.

Fast foward to 2009. Two weeks ago, DH and I had to drive both vehicles in to town. We dropped the car off at Town Tire to have something repaired, and we took the truck to work and had the decal in it. Later that evening we picked up the car, brought both vehicles home but I'd forgotten to take the decal out of the truck and place it back in the car. Next day, I'm at work and one of my coworkers comes in and tells me I'm getting a citation for not having my decal. I promptly appeal the $30 citation and received a letter in the mail the other day stating,

"The Traffic Hearing Authority has reviewed your appeal of the parking citation listed abote and rendered a judgment of "guilty" but has reduced the fine as shown. Pursuant to this judgment...."

and so they reduced it from $30 to $10.

Oh they're so kind. I wasn't appealing the ticket because I couldn't afford to pay it, I was appealing it on the basis that I have a valid decal, I simply forgot to put it in the car. Now, think about it for a minute, what is the point of charging me $10? A penalty for not having a decal at all or for having it but forgetting to put it in my car. These students who have no decals and aren't supposed to be parking in our lot are ticketed because they do not have a decal to park there. But they can't appeal it and expect to win because they have no decal period.

At least I have a decal, it takes two seconds for the appeal folks to check it out in the system, a longtime employee of 15 years, pays for her decal on time every year and the best they can do is reduce my fine?

I give a lot of time and effort to this institution and frankly I think the least they could do for employees is cut us some slack especially when they CONFIRM that the person appealing does in fact have a decal. Unlike students who do not have a decal at all and park there taking away a spot from one of us, I am legitimately entitled to that parking space because I do pay for a decal to park there.

UFf is so hard up for cash these days I guess it shouldn't surprise me they're charging me the $10.

You can best be sure I'll be sending a letter along with my check and it won't say "Have a nice day".

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  1. Anonymous4/08/2009

    I think it is absurd for employees to have to pay to park. UF should do more to address their parking facilities.~ST