Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Proof that I once had a life!

A longtime friend of mine who has known me since ---well let's just say a long time---commented to me today that there isn't a single picture in existence of me drinking beer. I wasn't quite sure what that meant I mean I never claimed to be a teetotaler! Although you'd think that I would have become one the night of the big party in Joe and Tracy's room at the barracks in Hawaii where I drank one too many screwdrivers and wound up puking over the fire escape of the second floor...

Actually I didn't need beer to be wild, I loved to be the life of the party back then. I just loved to be funny and make others laugh. I had my wild moments---and when I say wild I don't mean Girls Gone Wild wild, although there was that one time when Mike and I went to New Orleans but that's a story for another day! I'm just talking about open, hysterical, fun-loving, life of the party Jess. Umm...yeah, I knew how to have a good time, and I have proof...I've got plenty of old friends on facebook who knew me "when" who can attest to that.

In an effort to find one of the uh--let's just say less incriminating pics, I dug up this rather innocent picture my pal Mike took when we spent a birthday weekend in Key West several years back. For the record, you'll notice the half crumpled beer can on the table behind me, the empty can on the floor and yes---the ACTUAL real live beef in my hand. Not sure but I think we were drinking Miller Lite. Yeah yeah, I was working out a lot in those days LOL.

And then there's this one. We're at the bar having mixed drinks and there's real live cold beer in the bag. I know...who goes to a bar to buy beer in a bag? LOL we did. This was "beer to go"... a great concept!

So you see, yes, I have actually consumed alcohol. WOW, I know some of you who know me are thinking, holy shit, she really did LOL! :)


  1. Anonymous5/21/2009

    I ate some chocolate covered cherries when we lived in Greece that were made with liquor. Does that count?~ST

  2. Girl you need to get out more LOL! (I know look who's talking right??)