Friday, May 22, 2009

Dreams do come true!

It's not quite justice, but it's close enough for me and many people I know who have waited for this moment for a long time!

You see, it all began when someone, hired into a position of high authority way back when, had many people snowed into thinking she was going to be great ans so she was hired. Turns out she really a backstabbing, conniving bitch. Nothing worse than that kind of person (especially a woman) in a position of power. She hated other women who used their brains, especially my friend and me. My friend was eloquent, well-dressed, well-spoken, educated, professional and well-liked and respected. This woman hated that and hated the close working and personal relationship my friend and I shared. So one day she sticks her nose where it didn't belong and went very high up in an effort to stir up shit where there was none. Really, there was NONE but that didn't bother her, she was on a witch hunt, prying into our personal business on personal time in an attempt to get my friend fired and me along the way.

This woman was so mean and manipulative that over the course of just a few years, at least fifteen people who worked for her sought jobs elsewhere and all were successful in finding them. She may have had the higher ups fooled for awhile, but the good thing is that didn't last. Even they realized who she really was eventually she left the position (rumor has it she was forced down) and relocated to another department.

And now she's leaving! Leaving the city, the state, forever!!! I couldn't be happier. In a way I wish I'd had the chance to tell her to go to hell. I've had run-ins with her over the last couple of years and I just hated talking to her. She would be so nice and all that but I knew she was a fraud. I told people they should not be surprised if one day she just crosses the line with me and I tell her to go to hell. I wasn't afraid of her, who was going to touch me for saying to her what so many others wanted to say? I'm sure if I had, a large number of people would have been fighting for the chance to take me to lunch for it!!

To her I say sayonara, so long, arividerce, farewell, don't let the door hit you in the ass, don't write, won't miss ya, kiss my ass, buh-bye bitch.

Ahh it does feel better doesn't it?


  1. Anonymous5/23/2009

    Life can be sooo good sometimes. I know a couple of people I'd like to see the door hitting their rear on they way out, as well. ~ST

  2. I'd like to kick her in the ass on the way out actually.

  3. I'd like to kick her in the ass on the way out actually.

  4. Anonymous5/23/2009

    Now that would be a dream come true!~ST