Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy 92nd Grams!

One of my coworkers came running down to my office earlier today and said "are you allright?" and I said "well, yes" and asked why. Another guy in our department was with her and said he'd run into a former coworker of ours who is now in another department. Apparently the paramedics and campus police had been at our building and asked him where such and such office is located, well that office number is MINE! But I'd been in my office all day long, with a potty break or two and hadn't gone so far that I would miss the action.

Isn't it weird? Must have been for my doppleganger in a parallel universe....

On another topic, and the reason I'm really here---today is grams's 92nd birthday. You heard it! Yep, 92 years ago today Thomas Gaetano Mangiere and Giuseppa "Josephine" Sanna Mangiere brought their firstborn daughter Michelina "May" into the world.

And so in's the matron of the family over 9 decades....

With her mother Giuseppa "Josephine"
Brooklyn, 1917

Age 3, Brooklyn, 1920

Big sister May with little sister Jeanine
Brooklyn, 1928

May, circa late 1920's

At age 19 in 1936

With daughter Joan, 1941

Brooklyn, 1942

With gramps in the Poconos, 1944

Grams (holding daughter Joan) with her parents Thomas and Josephine
and sister Jeanine. Poconos, 1944

With Josephine (we called her "Nonna")
in Brooklyn, 1950's

At the house in Miami, 1961

Holding me with big bro Dave, 1969

With gramps, early 1970's

On her moped ready to go! Here in the country, 1982

With little sis Jeanine, 1995

A joyful reunion in 2002 with her cousins Mario Viggiano (left)
and Mario's brother Ugo. They were best friends and grew
up in Brooklyn together!

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  1. Anonymous5/31/2009

    Those pictures are incredible. You are so blessed to have such fantatic pictures to treasure. You are also blessed to still have your grams. I so enjoyed meeting her. She is way too much fun. I would definitely call her 92 years young.~ST