Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me: 1 Squirrels: Zip!

Finally, I got one up on the squirrels! Yes, me! I rock!! Oh yeah!

Isn't it awful I get so excited about something this silly? As anyone who lives in the country knows, you can win the battle but not win the war. The war is still on you see...however, for now Jess won this battle!

You see, for many years the skwirly skwirls have gotten the best of me. It doesn't matter how much I skwirlproof my birdfeeders, the sonsabitches always get in there. But...he he he, I got them. Oh yes, I outwitted not just one or two skwirls but the whole stinkin rotten bunch of 'em.

All with just one simple feeder that I paid $20 for at Lowe's. It's one of those long hanging feeders with different feeding stations on it that fills through the top. If something heavier than say a cardinal jumps on it, the entire outside piece goes down, covering the openings to the stations. There is no way in hell a skwirl and his partners in crime could possibly get seed out. I watched them today and the last two weeks try like hell to get in there and nope, they finally gave up. Several times today they tried and every time they failed.

I feel triumphant. Man I must be getting old LOL!

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  1. Anonymous5/21/2009

    Aah! Sweet victory. Those adorable critters can be real pests. ~ ST