Tuesday, May 26, 2009

RIP Buddy Bean, June 1998 - May 2009

We loved you so much Buddy! You brought great joy to our lives. You will never know how I treasure the memories of you. You were a great friend to me. You listened to me when I ranted and raved, you licked the tears from my face, you were there for me and never once asked for anything but love.

Now "Tater" you are with Pa in Heaven and he's spoiling you rotten with chewies and you are laying in his lap watching TV! Someday we'll meet again....


  1. Anonymous5/26/2009

    Buddy was so sweet and so beautiful. I'm glad I got the chance to meet him. There is nothing in the world like the love of a dog.~ST

  2. oh jess, i'm so sorry for your loss. the loss of my pets has always been worse for me than people - well on some levels...