Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why US companies fail #1

In a nutshell---their customer service SUCKS!

I called Bell South today at 1-888-757-6500 to make changes to our residential plan including downgrading our long distance plan and cancelling our dialup internet service. When I talked to the customer service rep I said "I want to disconnect my dialup and make changes to my long distance plan". Without hearing me out or attempting to assist me with what she actually could assist me with (my long distance) she transfers me to the dialup folks. I waited on hold for thirty minutes, nobody came to the phone, I hung up.

An hour later, I called 1-800-436-8638 which is the direct line for BellSouth internet service. The prompts were simple, English press or say 1, so on and so forth. I'm also told by the automated customer service that I need my account info, which I have. There I sit, working while waiting on hold. I was on hold nearly an hour, nobody picked up.

An hour later, I called the above number again. Once again I entered my info, once again I waited. Nobody picked up.

So far, I've spent almost 3 hours on the phone today and haven't been able to get a f*cking customer service person in any of a dozen third-world countries to do something that would take maybe two whole friggin minutes---CANCEL MY DIALUP PLAN!

I could write the CEO but you think these people give a damn?

It's a shame because dad worked with Southern Bell for almost 30 years. He put a lot into that company during a time when they actually cared. In later years, they began outsourcing their customer service and then the whole damn thing started going downhill.


  1. Anonymous5/26/2009

    Okay, that beats any costumer service horror story I have! Have you succeeded in cancelling your service yet?~ST

  2. Nope still can't get anyone. Someone's getting a piece of my mind!