Monday, July 27, 2009

Driving along in my automobile....

...this was the conversation that took place in the car on the way to work---

Me: "hey do you want to hear about my strange ass dream last night?"

Vin: "hmmm"

Me: "You do have a choice, yes or no"

Vin: "Give me the Reader's Digest version"

Me: (Looking completely dumfounded and speechless)

Vin: "you know the condensed version??"

Me: (With mouth just hanging open looking like a moron. I knew what he meant, I was just dumfounded because well....I don't give the condensed version of ANYTHING, I mean what is that?)

Vin: (Laughing his ass off because it was one of very few times I was rendered speechless and for anyone who knows me, well you know that is a rarity.)

1 comment:

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