Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I had this strange dream.

I was on this piece of property, it was quite large, had a house set back on it. It was the home once owned by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. But in the dream they were known IRL as Ricky and Lucy Ricardo. It was a big house, with a big porch. I went there and this big porch was almost like a stage. And suddenly they were there---young and vibrant. I was singing with them, entertaining with them, I felt like I was a part of things. Throughout the dream I felt very sad that they were gone, and I didn't want to go back home. I went up there a lot and stayed there. I remember over the front porch there was this high ceiling and about 20 different colored, styled lamps hanging from that porch ceiling. I remember looking up at them wanting one for a souvenir.

There was this lady in the dream too, she had been their hosuekeeper. She looked younger even though I knew she was in her 70's. Her face was very smooth, not very wirinkled. She was eating some kind of candy or something that kept her looking youthful. She offered me a piece but I didn't want one. T I can't remember who she was. I do remember being very upset tht lucy and Ricky were no longer alive and I thought their house should be preserved. I even brought a few friends up there so they could see where I spent most of my time. It seemed when I showed up at the house, it came alive and so did they.

There was this complete sadness I can't explain, and this yearning to stay behind and preserve the place. I think the overwhelming sadness got to me and I was crying in the dream. Then I remember running into their daughter who looked nothing like Lucie Arnaz, their real life daughter as wek now her. This was a young woman with long hair, pretty, quiet. She was upset at me for some reason, oh yes I remember. I was in this room with some lawyers, this daughter, the housekeeper and another woman. They were dividing up the estate and I was angry that the housekeeper didn't get more and I was defending her. The lawyer kep tsaying that she got her share when the first of the Ricardo couple died but I said no, she was to get moer after the last one finallly died. They didn't like that. The daughter was cool though beacuse in the end I talked to her and told her how much her parents talked about her and loved her, and we became friendly.

Then I'm in this built-in pool and I am teetering on the edge, trying not to fall in, my friends were laughing and eventualy I fell in. Several times I was standing on the edge, just teetering. Then I was swimming, raced one of the kids in the pool. Then I took some folks up to the house. That's all I can remember at the moment. The rest is kinda jumbled.


  1. Well, OKAY, for YOU I'll tell the truth that I don't often tell people:

    If you'd like Dr. Z's interpretation of the dream (no, I'm not really a doctor, but..), I'd say this is a dream I should have had! You're in Lucy's house....that wonderful happy place where we're living in a time long gone, black/white TV, happier times, good values, happy families, trusting your neighbor and the grocery guy...etc etc etc, right? It FEELS good!
    In this awful world the libs are creating for us, we're NOT feeling so good! WE WANT LUCY!! You at least 'want a souvenir', right? "Give me SOMETHING.....of that wonderful carefree past!!"

    Of course you're upset they're not alive anymore..good days in this country don't seem alive anymore (to me, anyway, it's so sad!)
    That young girl's trying to lure you into the new liberal America SHE likes!! (okay, maybe I'm going too far here!!! HEH!!)

    What do you think? How'd Dr. Z do? (Okay, you can lock me in the asylum now!! That was FUN, though! and I MIGHT be close to the truth?) thanks, Jess, and thanks for putting me on your morning reading; you can't imagine how good that felt to read! :-)

  2. Z you are probably more right on than anything I could ever think of. I wonder what mom has to say---she LOVES that show, we used to watch it together when I lived back home with her and dad from 94-2001. Sometimes when I went to bed earlier, mom would sit up and watch it on Nick at Nite, I could hear her laughing her ass off through the wall, it was so funny!