Friday, July 24, 2009

If there were no lobbyists...

I think I've finally reached the point where I am ready to outlaw lobbying. I don't think lobbying falls under free speech either so don't bother with the argument.

Lobbyists work to influence legislation on behalf of certain groups, organizations, or industries. One one hand, lobbying can be beneficial to a group which represents a small number of individuals whose voice is not normally heard. On the other hand, lobbying can be dangerous because larger entitities (such as labor unions) have a larger stake and thus are able to directly influence the outcome of elections in the form of money and votes.

I believe that the cons of lobbying outweigh the pros in this day and age. Lobbyists bribe politicians in one form or another. They use their influence to sway the course of legislation.

What if there were no lobbyists? Well there would probably be some under-the-table deals but for the most part, outlawing lobbying for ALL organizations puts the decisions on legislation back into the hands of the people. Our elected officials would have to vote based on what their constitutents want, not on what lobbyists want. Remove the lobbyists and the money and perks and you remove a large part of the corruption.

You can't convince me that if you remove lobbying, smaller groups will be disadvantaged. If neither side is allowed to lobby, everyone is on a level playing field.

I'm tired of politicians being bought and paid for and it's time to send the message that the party is over.

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