Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh the Humanity!

It took me 10 hours but I finished working on mom's computer and now it runs great. I had to backup all of mom's files then uninstall/reinstall Windows XP Home Edition, then reinstall drivers, programs, etc. Oy vey it took forever. And can I just say two words to mom:


LOL ok that's three words but you know what I mean. Like pa, she had shortcuts to EVERYTHING on her desktop, which is fine of course but...there was no organization to the main files. Well ok let me retract that--they were organized according to her own little "ma" filing system. At least HER filing system was better than dad's LOL! I couldn't even begin to explain to you how he filed his stuff!

I began the process about 11:30 a.m. interrupted only when mom forced me (yes, of course you know she forced me at gunpoint LOL) to have lunch which consisted of my least favorite food pasta (yeah ok! LOL) in the form of spaghetti with homemade sauce and sausages/meatballs, acccompanied by garlic bread.

And to make things worse, mom strong-armed me (yes she did!) into eating an eclair for dessert, oh it was just awful. I mean as I downed that chocolaty eclair and creamy filling I could see out of the corner of my eye---mom glaring at me muttering under her breath, "eat it or wear it" oh it was terrible. And when I complained how awful it was, she just took her keyboard and beat me with it!

I think I need therapy!


  1. Anonymous7/16/2009

    Mom's can be tough!~ST

  2. File management? I manage my files,I just put them in different places than you do so I can find them when I need them. jeez..
    And another thing missy, I could have just as easily sent my pasta to some starving Armenian..the same one my mother used to threaten me with.

  3. LOL and it tasted so awful! YUKK.... LOL LOL!!!