Sunday, July 19, 2009

AT&T sucks...

About two months ago, we ordered the 3G broadband USB because we thought living near a tower we might get a signal. Anything was better than Bell South's crappy dialup service. We ordered the USB device, cost us over $180 including the device and first month's billing.

When we received the USB we tried it and couldn't get a signal. Ok fine, we boxed it back up and sent it back immediately. Just about the time we sent it back ATT sent us a bill for $180.18 . It showed a whopping 11 KB used. That sorta proves that we didn't use the thing. I ignored it because they would credit me once they received it. Well a few weeks later I received a bill for $15.60 (past due) and they had credited us $105.87. I called them on 6/25 and talked to Justin who told me that it takes thirty days for the credit to post, that the charge was for shipping (??) which should have been credited to me. Justin told me that I didn't owe anything. Ok fine.

Fast forward to three days ago. I received a bill again, this time for $13.80 (past due). They had credited me a whopping $1.82 which was by the way--the late payment charge for the original $15.60. Wow, so they credited me the late charge. How big of them.

And we wonder why so many longtime businesses are going into the toilet?

For the record AT&T Mobility at PO Box 53215 Atlanta, GA 30353-6216--I am NOT sending you $13.80, you can kiss my ass because that is more likely to happen than you people getting a dime from me.


  1. Anonymous7/21/2009

    You are getting your internet via satellite now, aren't you?~ST

  2. yeah we have HughesNet now which is great but I can't get ATT off my back on that dumbass 3G thing we ordered and sent back. Not to mention they are still our phone carrier, though not for long. We are seriously considering going with two Verizon wireless cell phones and maybe porting the home number to one of them. I hate Bell South!!

  3. Anonymous7/22/2009

    I know what you mean. These phone companies had a monopoly on us for a while, but now that we have more choices they are going to have to learn how to compete.

    I have some friends that live down on the river and they still can't get DSL. Bell South told them they have no intention of running DSL out there. ~ST