Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another rather unusual dream...

Gotta get this dream out while it is fresh in my mind. Of course everyone who knows me well, knows I have very unusual dreams, for absolutely NO reason.

First, we were moving some stuff to Georgia, to my dad's hometown of Kennesaw, Georgia. I am not sure why we were taking this stuff there because nobody was actually moving there.

Dad rented a semi truck and mom, Kim, me, grams, and a few others I can't remember decided to go on the trip. We were taking the semi and another car so we could fit everyone. The semi cab fit about 5 people, the other vehicle about 4 or 5. As I recall I think there was no room in the semi for Kim and me so we got these metal contraptions that hook on the front of the semi's grill and we hook ourselves into them for the trip. Yes, you read that right, we were to hang on the outside of the truck as he drove. Now dad was driving the semi and basically Kim and I were hanging on a metal thing outside the front of the cab. And oh crap, were we scared! The truck didn't drive down the road though, it flew in the air.

Grandpa Cliff aka Papaw, dad's father, was in the dream and his voice was different, it was more clear and not as raspy as it was when he was older.

Fast forward because the dream is getting a little harder to remember. I am coming home from work and there's lots of car accidents all over the place. I am driving home from work and I pull over to the side of the road and I see my car on its side, only its not the car I am driving, it's a 1989 Toyota (the car I had IRL when I was in my early 20's). It is on its side and nex thing I know there's a bus aying on its side there, with nobody in it, the bus didn't hit the car, they were separate accidents. I found both on Hwy 340 which is the rural road on the way to my parents house.

I realized I had to walk or bicycle home. I had this recumbent bike on wheels. I had my sweaters, a pillow, a tiny portable television, my cell phone, a boom box and a few other things I had to carry since I couldn't drive. I got on this bike and began down Highway 340. then I realized it was hard as hell to bike. I called my mom from my cell phone, don't remember where she was, and told her I had to bike home and it would take awhile. She said she would pick me up when she got home. I told her what had happened. You should have seen the traffic on CR 340, it was a mess. There were backups everywhere because of the accidents. Lots of buses too. It seems like it took forever to get along 340. I was tired from biking that little bike down this huge, long and hilly country road. I stopped and walked awhile then biked again. One thing I remember very clearly is that I was angry that nobody stopped to ask me if I needed a ride.

Somewhere down the road there was lots of construction and there were detours and side roads near this subdivision (there are no SD's on the real CR 340) and I wound up off the main road and on some side roads going into the subdivision. of course eventually I realized this because these side roads were not big enough for regular vehicles to drive down them. I knew something had to be wrong. I wound up getting back on the main road but constantly detoured back to these little roads. I was on the road for hours just trying to get home which was only a few miles away. I recall being really close because I wound up bicycling my way into a building and a hallway which was my mom's doctor's office (her Crohn's doctor, not her primary doc LOL) and as I biked through the building I came to a locked door. The doc said people weren't allowed to exit through that door, it was just for official personnel but I explained to her the situation about all the accidents and everything and she let me through. I remember telling her not to driv down CR 340 because it was a mess. And so I continued my journey.

Not long after, I got stuck on one of these detours and wound up way off the main road. I wound up running into these people, they looked human but they wore blue outfits. Two women in blue outfits were torturing a guy wearing regular clothes. I wanted to help him, so I think I beat up those women and cut them up and killed them but then it turns out he was the bad guy and so were they but they were less bad than he was (??). They were not human because they were able to rebuild themselves and come back to full size people again. I can't remember what happened to the guy. Well after this, I had to start running from these people. I was running all through these mazes. These people were after me. I eventually ran into the good guys, one of them was a police officer from GPD who I have known for a long time but haven't seen in a long time. He tried to help me, once he realized who I was. As I recall, the only thing that would repel these aliens was some kind of foam you could spray at them, but it only repelled them for a few minutes, then they were after you again.

The rest of the dream is getting fuzzy as time goes on. It's getting harder to remember. I do remember biking past a park and a girl from high school, Michelle, was there, she had red curly hair (Michelle NEVER had red hair in her life!) and her cheeks were rosy, she was smiling, as I passed her at the park, she talked to me, said hi. I kept on biking. Now this bike---let me describe it to you. It was one of those low bikes, the kind you see where your legs are out in front of you pedaling and your back is up against a straight seat back. It was hard to pedal this thing up a hil lthough, I'd have to stop and get outand carry everything up the hill. I remember holding up traffic too on the narrow detour roads.

I don't remember how the dream ends, because I woke up. I think I was still running, but the good guys were outnumbering the bad guys in blue outfits. Don't know if they ever got them all. One thing, I never did get home, I woke up before hand.

So...what do you think? Before you ask--no, I didn't watch any scary movies last night, didn't read anything, didn't listen to anything on the radio. This is par for the course for me, I cannot epxlain where it came from, but I'd love to know what it means.

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