Monday, August 03, 2009

The Cuss Jar

Ok Vin is trying to work on his anger management and we're both trying to stop cursing so...every time we say a curse word we have to put $1.00 in a jar. Vin says that by the end of the month we won't have any money left to pay bills LOL. Seriously this is a great idea. First, we're exercising on the elliptical, now we're trying to stop cursing, what's next? LOL


  1. GOOD FOR YOU!! That's a good idea. I have to admit I let one rip once in a while.......too often. And, I always think it sounds particularly nasty for women to swear...I HATE IT, yet I do it :-(

    OH, 'word verification' (I swear) is fucteras. You can't make this stuff UP! HAA!!

  2. Well having been in the military many eons ago I'd like to say that I learned to swear there but I have to give that credit to my late father, RIP because thanks to him I began using the term "shit" at 16! LOL

  3. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Ohhhhh that's another dollar to the cuss jar for using the dread S--- word (remember A Christmas Story?). Your definetly another dollar ahead in the lead ;-)