Monday, August 10, 2009

For all the dissenters...

I made this up myself, I took a common phrase and added to it. Hope you like it!

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism except when it emanates from anyone other than a Democrat. Then it is known as a fear mongering, right wing angry mob."


  1. Might borrow this for a post - you will get credit!!

    Visiting from geeeeeZ!

    Like the cats on the bench.

  2. excellent Jessism! An Absolutely TRUE Jessism!
    I just read your piece about your pa, too. I'm so sorry he passed so young and I'm so touched by how much love is in your family!
    We lost Daddy when he was 67...15 years ago now. If I look too long at his picture, I still want to cry, too.
    I'll put this in the COMMENTS on Pris's piece right now!

  3. Dat's da fact Jack! Er um, Jess!

    Such a hypocritical bunch of delluded idiots! We really need to start working now to toss them out of office, enact our own term limits.

  4. You are awesome... even my husband who thinks blogs are silly thinks you are cool...