Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Can anyone name a government-run program that works? Really works?

By this I mean one that functions exactly as promised with a real and true benefit to the public overall and which is not a financial burden to the taxpayers?

At least I think that's my criteria for now, let me think on that. There might be more.


  1. Even the post office is in debt and can't get itself together no matter how much it raises the stamp prices.

    BUT, FEDEX and DHL and UPS don't seem to be in trouble.

    WHY can't leftwinger bit-gov't people see that!? Good question you asked there, Jess!

  2. I'm thinking! I'm thinking! Don't rush me.

    Nope...can't think of a one.

  3. On the Federal Level...

    The Army
    The Marine Corp
    The Air Force
    The Navy
    The Coast Guard
    Centers for Disease Control
    Occupational Heath & Safety Administration
    Food & Drug Administration
    National Transportation Safety Board
    National Parks Service
    National Institutes of Health

    On the local level...

    The Police Department
    The Fire Department
    The Public Library

    None of these are perfect, but they work well. Would you want to do without any of them?

  4. I guess I was referring to programs not necessarily agencies. Although I think the FDA, DCD, OSHA, NTSB, NIH all could use some overhaul.

    For every agency you listed, we can list multiple programs that don't work, that are a waste of taxpayer funds.

    On the local level, I think the three things mentioned all could be run better, at least in our area.