Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday of the week prior to the start of fall classes usually has me running around like a madwoman and this term is no exception. It don't procrastinate, it's just that everything hits at once. The grad students come back this week, our departmental orientation is Friday, things have to be ready for them when they get back. The returning students aren't the issue, it's the new ones. They need to know everything a new grad student needs to know and there's a lot of info to pass on to them.

One would think that this being my tenth orientation (I can't believe it's been ten years already!) and with three years experience prior to that planning events at the college level, that I would be a pro at this. I'm meticulous about it, the details are important but not as important as they used to be. I used to be a perfectionist and then I realized that it's ok not to have control of everything. Now, instead of being at the orientation to take care of every little detail, I plan it, it starts, and I retreat to the safety and security of my office. You see, I'm just not a crowd person. For some reason I shy away from crowds, don't ask why, I'm just like that. I'm not generally known as a shy person, ask anyone who knows me, but then again they know me one on one. I've got a friend at work who asks me "why don't you let me take you to lunch" and I tell him that I just don't want to go but I thank him for his offer, but finally he figured out not long ago that I am not good around groups of people. It's not that he observed it, he guessed it. I asked him when he finally figured that one out. A person works with you for 8 years, they get to know you pretty well.

Anyway, I get to work today and start flippin' out, silently of course, because I don't know where to start. There's so much stuff to do. Got two students coming in from Malawi who need to get to know the place, have to appoint them on their fellowship, payroll paperwork has to be done, worried that it's going to take too long and they won't get a paycheck within a reasonable amount of time.

Then there's the curriculum...we've been revising the Agribusiness curriculum till we're blue in the face, meaning we're out of oxygen LOL. Finally we've got it right. But all the agribusiness grad students registered so I had to email each one with a NEW plan of study, go in and adjust what registrations I could...which leaves me to the next thing...UF decided to implement this registration hold on every student at UF. You see despite the fact that they are adults, there are some students at UF who can't seem to find their way out of a wet paper bag unless you hold their hand and because of them, UF finally had to implement this hold in which students have to click "I agree" to several things listed on a "terms of agreement" before they can register each term. The terms of agreement are basic, like I understand I need to register on time, drop courses on time, am responsible for fees, etc. You know, basic crap like that.

My outlook task list at work is growing . I think I can keep it under control but for every task I complete, I wind up adding a few more. I never seem to catch up. I'm also beginning to panic a bit about my own school, which starts next Monday. I'm registered for EUH 3206 20th Century Europe and AMH 4319 History of Crime and Punishment in America. Both are excellent courses taught by great faculty, I am sure I will enjoy them, but I've got to be sure I allot enough time for reading and writing for each class. One has a midterm, final and a paper, in addition to lots of reading. The other I am not sure of yet because I don't have the syllabus but based on the syllabus the professor sent me from last term, I don't think there are any quizzes ,just a midterm, final and paper due. I don't mind the work, I'm used to it, I just have to manage my time better. I've got to balance work, home life, school, and personal time. I don't generally bring work home with me, I try to leave it at work. Home life includes taking care of Vin, the cats, cleaning house, cooking, making the lunches, stuff like that. My personal time is generally sleeping and eating and working out on the elliptical. I feel really good doing 20-30 minutes per day 5 days a week, I really need to keep that up. How will I find time when school starts? Don't they say that you have to make time for yourself before you make time for others?

Speaking of the elliptical, ok I know I have lost, at least in inches, my jeans aren't snug and everything fits just a hair different. Dh has been doing it and he's lost at least 10 pounds so far. Giving up drinking beer on Saturday nights can do wonders (him, not me, I don't drink beer or anything else except egg nog and schnapps once a year!). I've got to keep up the exercise, eating right (I don't seem to be eating the fruit I bring with my lunch!), and give it time, it'll happen. I'm no longer in a hurry, I mean where the hell am I going? I turn 40 in October, I've got lots of school ahead of me, a great paying job and DH has to get through welding school too. We've got time. Besides it would be just my luck I rush through everything I have to do and then BAM! I wind up dropping dead.

Now wouldn't that suck?

Anyway, I've got to organize my mind and my time, I can't devote too much to any one thing. And I have to figure out how to be ok with studying on a Saturday morning if the house hasn't been vacuumed and cleaned yet. I know, sounds silly doesn't it? I cannot study unless I'm clean and my house is clean. So I might spend hours on a Sat morning cleaning and makinge verything nice and then it's noon and I haven't started yet. Which means I need to clean the night before--right? That way, no excuses. Get coffee, get my desk organized, get busy.

As you can see, lots on my mind. Not just that but DH is bugging me to go rafting in the Ichetucknee with him and I'm sorry but hell NO, there are Alligators there. You think I want to be their lunch? DH says I'm a weenie but oh well. Susan is afraid too and she told me she wouldn't go with him either. They say alligators won't bother you but uh---I don't think so. I'm not taking the chance. So now DH is like "who is going to go with me?" thing is he really doesn't have any friends, he's from up north, everybody is up there, not here. And so...if I don't go, who will go with him? I feel bad, but he says "I don't need people" yeah whatever. Without even thinking I uttered these famous words,

"No man is an island"

And afterwards I nearly regretted it as I waited to hear him say, "it's only an island if you look at it from the water" but then I realized he's never seen the movie Jaws so I was ok! (Ok, maybe mom's the only one who gets this!)

Anyway, it's off to bed now. Time for more strange dreams. Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. Anonymous8/17/2009

    Deep breath! You always panic and you always come out on top. I think you thrive on the work and learning.

    Poor Vin! I do feel bad for him. But not bad enough to become gator bait;-)ST

  2. wow. your plate is really full. but i'm sure you'll manage it all brilliantly.

    i'm not a crowd person at all. its become so as i got older.

  3. I envy you the classes you're taking! let us know what you're studying (if you find the time!)
    There's another thing for your list: Make sure to keep up with my blog and those of my friends!! (no pressure!)

    I'm finding groups are less and less my cup of tea, too.......odd. Or maybe I'm just more honest with myself these days!? Good luck with everything!

    By the way, for a second I thought the school was PAYING the Malawi students (payroll came right after that)and THAT set me off! :-)