Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Had another strange dream last night.

I'm living at my mom's house and my grandmother up in Georgia was very ill, near death. My sister was going through a bunch of old photo albums that belonged to our grandmother and taking out pictures we wanted. I don't know what started the argument but my sister said or did something that set me off, it angered me so bad I refused to ever speak to her again. And I said that I was leaving, and was attempting to get a hold of my best friend (IRL) Deb to see if I could stay at her house. Vin was in the dream, I think I told him I was leaving and he was welcome to come with me. I was REALLY angry at my sister. And I was hell bent on getting out of that house that night. Also, I was not only angry at her but my mother as well. I refused to have anything to do with either one of them. All I could think about was getting out of that house and finding a place to stay, hopefull with Deb.

Weird eh?


  1. I'm glad to meet you and will be reading to catch up. I too am an Anti-government Gunslinger but please don't put me on "THE LIST".

    Whew, I had a strange dream also last night but it was take more than a blog entry to tell it.

  2. Hm...Are you and your sister friends in your non-dream life?

  3. You can stay with me anytime you want to. ~Deb

  4. Hey Elizabeth, actually YES we are! I get along with all my family really well. Sis and I are only a year apart, we get along great!! Mom and I get along fabulous too!! Strange isn't it?