Sunday, September 27, 2009

Office Depot lack of ethics...

My sister who lives in a very large city about two hours from here, was in Office Depot the other day looking at computers. While discussing high speed internet service for a desktop PC she had her eye on, the customer service representative told her that he would sell her a USB for $39.99 and she could take it home, plug it in, in the hopes she could somehow pick up a wireless signal in her apartment. From the conversation I had with her, his intent was that she might be able to pick up a wireless signal she wouldn't have to pay for.

Which of course is synonymous with stealing.

My sister doesn't know a whole lot about wireless only because she has many other more important things on her mind and so I explained how it works. I told her many places offer a free wireless but that generally, it's posted and that I was pretty sure that she didn't have free wireless in her complex (she would know if they did).

My sister, always wanting to be on the up and up, did not take the Rep up on his offer to sell her the USB for $39.99. She didn't want to do anything illegal or unethical.

In the meantime, it makes me wonder how many times this rep has done this.

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