Sunday, October 11, 2009

I was in a battlefield, not sure where it was. Insurgents were throwing devices that would explode in minutes or seconds and when they threw them at us, we had to be sure to run or throw them back at them before they exploded. Sometimes they would drive tractors with explosives attached, right up to where we were and we'd have to run like hell. The entire dream was a battle, running, shooting, throwing bombs. Even women were throwing the bombs. It was difficult to tell the good women from the bad. I don't know if any children were involved in the war. It was just horrible though, IED's, grenades and all sorts of things going back and forth. I remember a soldier in a uniform, we thought he was peaceful but he was just the enemy donning a uniform of the ally and he was rigging explosives where we were.....I think we killed him.

Been up two hours and a lot of this is fading. It's in my head but hard to get out. Funny how you find it difficult if even possible, to describe a dream. Ther's more to it but honestly I don't know how to describe it so I guess I can't.

I didn't watch, read or listen to anything that would have provoked this so it is very interesting indeed. In the dream I did get a renewed respect for the soldiers that deal with this every day over in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe that was the point. What they endure is probably much worse than the dream and trust me the dream was pretty bad.

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