Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Albany Oregon, Oaks Apartments Manager Barb Holcomb has told her tenants they cannot fly any flag on their vehicles, including country and college team flags. She also bans political and religious signs.

The way I see it, if the individuals living in the Oaks signed a lease where it clearly states flags and signs are prohibited then I can't see the merit of their argument. However if it isn't in the lease then I think they have a case. But really now, why would you want to live in a place that prohibits this kind of thing?

"I'm trying to avoid any conflict," Holcomb said. "I have a problem when tenants' rights to free speech come into contact with other tenants' rights of peaceful enjoyment. This policy is not a violation of anyone's civil rights."

Life is full of conflict. In this nanny-state we live in, we just can't create rules and laws prohibiting anything and everything that might cause conflict. Sometimes people just disagree. That's the way it is. If they get violent over it, you call the police and throw them in jail. But otherwise, it can be pretty healthy and harmless.

That said, I think prohibiting flying the American flag in America just sucks. If I were a resident of Albany Oregon, I definitely would not be residing at the Oaks.


  1. In my view, displaying our nation's flag shouldn't be a controversial issue.

  2. Anonymous10/20/2009

    This IS America we live in...hello ??? If someone is living in America and they have a problem with seeing an American flag flying in their neighborhood (on a car, house or where ever) they need to pack their belongings and get the (you know what) out of the country !!! I'm sure there are those that would be glad to pay for the flight to some other land to get an idiot like that out of here !!!