Monday, November 16, 2009

The more things change...

the more they stay the same. I know Deb & Susan will appreciate this considering how well they know my family, they are after all, a part of it!

Mom came home today from the Mayo Clinic in Jax where she’d undergone surgery to remove a tumor in her sinus. It’s been a long week of stress, waiting, and poor mommy not feeling well at all. What began as a nosebleed a year ago finally ended with the surgery last Friday and I am happy to say mom looks and sounds great.

This evening I went over to mom's house after Kim brought her home from the hospital. Mom was doing much better and so she said she was just fine to stay alone at her house. Grams looked at me and asked, "do you think she's ok?" and I said "uh well yeah" (I mean mom knows if she's well enough to be alone for pete's sake but just try telling my grandmother that!) and mom says, "uh what are you asking her for, I'm 63 years old I can decide!"

I just laughed because really even though mom had been gone and ill for a week or so, really nothing changed once she got home. It was just nice to see things back to normal in our pleasant but somewhat dysfunctional household that my sister in law affectionately nicknames the "family circus".

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  1. Anonymous11/18/2009

    I'm so glad to hear your mom is home and feeling better. She has been through quite an ordeal. All I can say about your Grams is that mothers NEVER stop worrying:-)