Saturday, November 07, 2009

Shame on one particular college on the UF campus which shall remain nameless unless they don't start offering some serious student customer service, then I'll be naming them.

One of my best friends called a certain college on campus the other day. This college now houses a program that used to be in another college on campus. Her daughter has been preparing to enter this particular program for years, and is finishing her AA degree at the local community college taking all the required courses. Or so she thought. Because now that the program is in another college, the requirements have changed. Which puts the students planning to transfer into it, in a bind. Or so we think. We're not sure. You see, my friend can't get any answers. She calls the college in question and they say "I'm sorry but we won't advise any community college students until after Thanksgiving" ok that's fine and dandy BUT most of the Santa Fe students have to register BEFORE Thanksgiving you twits! Then, my friend asks the person on the phone, "I know you are not accepting UF students who are changing majors into your program but are you accepting community college transfer students with the AA degree?" and the customer no-service person simply says "I don't know". She didn't say "Let me get someone who can answer that for you" she just said "I don't know".

Let's get this straight. When your job is to HELP people, the last three words out of your mouth should be I don't know. The first three words might be "I'm not sure" definitely followed by "but I am happy to find out for you"

Of course that's what I do. Of course there's just not much I don't know anyway so..... :)


  1. Anonymous11/09/2009

    Guess what. We have a mutual friend who got a business degree from UF. She says if you can navigate the system at that beloved institution then you can accomplish anything in life. I think she is right.

    Lauren is actually thinking about changing her major. Possibilities are physical therapy, radiographer/ultrasound technologist, RN, and dental hygienist. She has one week to decide what to do with the rest of her life. How's that for pressure?~ST

  2. OK, just a point of clarification. The official answer to everything at the moment is, "Uh, I don't know." However, before anyone becomes overly critical of my alma mater, please be advised that most of the changes have come to us from Tallahassee, where it is apparent that the people changing the rules have very little idea of how anything actually works. It sucks for transfer students right now. Jess, you probably were among the last group to be admitted under the articulation agreement as we knew it. The world has changed, and it seems that no one was watching. Stay tuned while we come up with an entirely new set of rules.

    HOWEVER, there is absolutely no excuse for your friend or her daughter to be treated this way. Call me. ~RQ

  3. Hey Deb, actually see above comment---it was Susan's daughter Lauren!

    I also think I was able to navigate the system better because I know it forwards and backwards for fifteen years.

    I do think that the speech pathology thing is a nightmare especially being that it moved colleges. My take on the whole "I don't know" thing is that there IS an answer somewhere. Even if the woman had to take Susan/Lauren's info and call them back she should have responded differently!