Saturday, November 28, 2009

A few years ago in the small town where we live, my dad got a job at an auto parts store. He needed the money and the guy needed some shelves built in the back of the store. Dad went to work every day, worked hard, built the shelves and did whatever the guy needed him to do. A few weeks later the guy says "hey we don't need you anymore" and he never paid my dad for his work.

Dad was angry but he was the kind of man who wasn't going to chase after anyone for something owed him. He figured in their own time they'd get what's coming to them for cheating someone out of their wages.

Well dad's been gone some 7 months now and often I've thought of going into the CarQuest store and telling that guy off. But I didn't because I knew that dad would want his children to take the high road and for once I did that. But see, I'm not always right, at least maybe not in this case.

I am sure, quite sure that on occasion my sister is channeling dad. Take for instance last weekend when Kim was here visiting for the holiday. She decided to take dad's Ford for a spin and drove into town, stopping at the CarQuest store where dad had worked. She walked in and the guy said to her "be with you in a minute sir" and ok that "sir" thing pissed her off. When he got to her, she lit into him calmly, without cursing, and let him know who she was, that we knew what they had done to dad, and that she hoped they enjoyed spending dad's paycheck. Then she calmly walked out, got into dad's truck and left.

My brother and I have wanted to do that for a long time now, but neither of us would. Leave it to sis to take care of things for us and for dad. I think he would have liked that. :)

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  1. Anonymous12/05/2009

    Way to go Kim!

    By the way, that sir thing reminds me of Marcy talking to Peppermint Patty on Peanuts. I love Peanuts. Carquest??? We all know it's owned by morons.~ST