Monday, December 28, 2009

US intelligence failed us...

In a recent post, "Flying with Fish" brings up some interesting points in regards to Janet Napolitano's claim that "the system worked" in regards the attempted terrorist attack on a Northwest Airline jet by a radical Nigerian Muslim.

At the same time she claimed the system worked, her boss, the Commander-In-Chief talked of a "systemic failure of the system"

Hmm...time for a change?

With all the implemented rules and regulations involving no pillows or blankets on the lap, termination of wi-fi and use of electronic devices, no access to overhead baggage, and remaining in one's seat, all during the one hour prior to landing, the only thing NOT listed, is the ONE thing that would have prevented the terrorist from even being on the flight would have been if someone in the US intelligence would have done his/her job.

When the terrorist's father entered the US Embassy in Nigeria and warned officials his son was planning an attack, they shrugged it off claiming it was NOT a credible threat.

Not a credible threat??

The father of a terrorist takes the time to walk into an American embassy and tell officials that his son is preparing to murder Americans and the threat is not credible? Who is running the show people?

In this case it wasn't TSA's fault this guy was on the plane, all his paperwork and credentials were in order. This one is the fault of the intelligence officials within the US government, whose primary responsibility according to the Constitution is for the security of this nation.

Yeah I'm feeling safer today....

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  1. This was a tremendous, epic, inexcusable failure. There are, however, hundreds of times the system works, the right guys use the right information to stop things before they start, things we, as the public, will never hear about. It only takes one time for lives to be lost. But, yeah, I actually do feel very safe.