Saturday, November 28, 2009

A few years ago in the small town where we live, my dad got a job at an auto parts store. He needed the money and the guy needed some shelves built in the back of the store. Dad went to work every day, worked hard, built the shelves and did whatever the guy needed him to do. A few weeks later the guy says "hey we don't need you anymore" and he never paid my dad for his work.

Dad was angry but he was the kind of man who wasn't going to chase after anyone for something owed him. He figured in their own time they'd get what's coming to them for cheating someone out of their wages.

Well dad's been gone some 7 months now and often I've thought of going into the CarQuest store and telling that guy off. But I didn't because I knew that dad would want his children to take the high road and for once I did that. But see, I'm not always right, at least maybe not in this case.

I am sure, quite sure that on occasion my sister is channeling dad. Take for instance last weekend when Kim was here visiting for the holiday. She decided to take dad's Ford for a spin and drove into town, stopping at the CarQuest store where dad had worked. She walked in and the guy said to her "be with you in a minute sir" and ok that "sir" thing pissed her off. When he got to her, she lit into him calmly, without cursing, and let him know who she was, that we knew what they had done to dad, and that she hoped they enjoyed spending dad's paycheck. Then she calmly walked out, got into dad's truck and left.

My brother and I have wanted to do that for a long time now, but neither of us would. Leave it to sis to take care of things for us and for dad. I think he would have liked that. :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wow. (Click on link in red)

Three Navy SEALs are facing criminal assault charges for sucker punching a "most-wanted" terrorist captured in 2004. They refused captain's mast and requested a trial. Good for them!

The whining terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed, had a bloody lip to prove he was punched. This terrorist was behind the four Blackwater agents who were brutally murdered and whose bodies were dragged through the City of Fallujah.

Shoot, if they had known they'd be facing assault charges they could have beat the crap out of him even more.

A trial for a bloody lip? What? Are you kidding me?

Monday, November 16, 2009

The more things change...

the more they stay the same. I know Deb & Susan will appreciate this considering how well they know my family, they are after all, a part of it!

Mom came home today from the Mayo Clinic in Jax where she’d undergone surgery to remove a tumor in her sinus. It’s been a long week of stress, waiting, and poor mommy not feeling well at all. What began as a nosebleed a year ago finally ended with the surgery last Friday and I am happy to say mom looks and sounds great.

This evening I went over to mom's house after Kim brought her home from the hospital. Mom was doing much better and so she said she was just fine to stay alone at her house. Grams looked at me and asked, "do you think she's ok?" and I said "uh well yeah" (I mean mom knows if she's well enough to be alone for pete's sake but just try telling my grandmother that!) and mom says, "uh what are you asking her for, I'm 63 years old I can decide!"

I just laughed because really even though mom had been gone and ill for a week or so, really nothing changed once she got home. It was just nice to see things back to normal in our pleasant but somewhat dysfunctional household that my sister in law affectionately nicknames the "family circus".

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Shame on one particular college on the UF campus which shall remain nameless unless they don't start offering some serious student customer service, then I'll be naming them.

One of my best friends called a certain college on campus the other day. This college now houses a program that used to be in another college on campus. Her daughter has been preparing to enter this particular program for years, and is finishing her AA degree at the local community college taking all the required courses. Or so she thought. Because now that the program is in another college, the requirements have changed. Which puts the students planning to transfer into it, in a bind. Or so we think. We're not sure. You see, my friend can't get any answers. She calls the college in question and they say "I'm sorry but we won't advise any community college students until after Thanksgiving" ok that's fine and dandy BUT most of the Santa Fe students have to register BEFORE Thanksgiving you twits! Then, my friend asks the person on the phone, "I know you are not accepting UF students who are changing majors into your program but are you accepting community college transfer students with the AA degree?" and the customer no-service person simply says "I don't know". She didn't say "Let me get someone who can answer that for you" she just said "I don't know".

Let's get this straight. When your job is to HELP people, the last three words out of your mouth should be I don't know. The first three words might be "I'm not sure" definitely followed by "but I am happy to find out for you"

Of course that's what I do. Of course there's just not much I don't know anyway so..... :)