Saturday, January 23, 2010

Summer Breeze makes me feel fine...

It was such a nice day today I left the windows open till after dark. I loved the nice breeze slowly making its way throughout our house. As I felt it, I was taken back in my mind to a time when I was much younger and visiting my grandparents in their retirement community in Ocala. They'd moved up there from Miami in 1979 and I really loved the place where they lived. I spent about a half summer with them in 1980 and it was one of the best times I ever had.

Tonight's soft breeze blowing in the windows reminded me of the Saturday evenings I'd lie in bed in my room at grams and gramps house. Sometimes we slept with the windows open in the summer, it was nice. Grams had these light linen curtains in the room which moved about with the breeze. The room was small but made up just for me with nice clean comfy air dried sheets which smelled like summer, a lamp next to the bed and a bookshelf with plenty of reading material which grams and I both enjoyed. I'd lie there at night with the nightlight on and read some of those books. Oh mom would have had a fit but this was grams house and I could do whatever I wanted! I recall reading a VC Andrews book. Yeah I was just a kid then but I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. I'd read for hours by the lamplight while the soft breeze floated through my window. It was really nice. I hoped the evening would never end but a few hours later I'd fall asleep and in the morning I'd wake up to the smell of french toast and coffee.

It's hard to believe that was 30 years ago, when I was only ten years old. When I close my eyes and think of it, it feels like I'm still there.

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