Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've felt good this past week and hoping it continues. I completed the last chapter in my Economics textbook today and all that remains is one more paper in my US & German Exceptionalism course. I've read most of Shivelbusch's "Culture of Defeat" and the chapter on Germany's mastery of Propaganda was rather interesting. Their propaganda was their greatest strength. Go figure. I still have to finish Dan Diner's "America in the Eyes of the Germans" and Olick's "In the House of the Hangman" but the latter two are not due for another couple of weeks. For now I can bask in the joy of being nearly finished with the semester. I'll celebrate with a glass of wine and some reading tomorrow night before the new episode of "House" after which I will just relax and go to bed around 9 pm. That's something I haven't done in awhile--go to bed at 9 pm. Summer will be a joy because I'll be hitting the sack at 8 pm!

I'm still having strange dreams. In last night's dream, a professor friend I work with was teaching a management class two days a week and I signed up for it. But instead of being management material, it was a workout class. Weights on one day and cardiovascular the other. Also, I had a car in the dream that looked like an older Rolls Royce, it was light blue on the outside, white on the inside, very clean and sleek. I recall telling my friend and others that I bought it "new used" because it had only 300 miles on it when I purchased it from a rental car agency who had no further use for it.

Strange isn't it? Maybe to you but not to me. I rather enjoy going to sleep every night because I look forward to the most extraordinary interesting dreams. I bet I have the best dreams of anyone I know. They are in color, sometimes in sequence (night after night the dream continues), and they are so vivid I remember the smallest minute details the next day. In fact, I can remember my dreams for days, months, even years.

Can't wait to see what happens in tonight's dream.. Stay Tuned!

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