Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes I tend to go off the deep end, not in a really bad way but well I get annoyed at certain things, at certain times, quite easily. For instance when a faculty member asks me what he is teaching this semester. I mean my normal reply is "don't you know?" How can you now know? You've seen the schedule, you ok'd teaching the class.

Other annoying things are when students walk into my office and say, "I'm looking for my instructor, he teaches a class about plants?" well WTF? The rest of the conversation is me asking them for the course number (which they don't know), the instructors' name(which they don't know) and finally their ID number so I can look up their schedule. And then when I tell them where their class is, they argue with me saying they were in the room but nobody was there (turns out they were there the wrong day/period) or that it moved and they don't know where it is and the system isn't updated. Well hell, I'll admit, I have psychic powers and I know exactly where your class is but since I have these magic powers, how bout I just save you the time of going and tell you what you're going to earn in the class

"You're going to earn a big fat "F" because you're an idiot!" so just save yourself some time and money and drop the class now.

My friend who is a professor in our department, we also work together, well, he sees me get annoyed at times. I see how calm he is and think I should be like that, but sometimes I just can't handle the lack of common sense. But I have improved, I don't jump out of my seat and fly off the handle like I used to and most of the time I don't lose my mind until after they've left my office. I do have the Star Wars Light Saber mom gave me for my 40th birthday last year and I could pull that out and wave it around (trust me, would be very intimidating!) but I'm saving that for orientaiton in fall when all the new students arrive. Usually my boss tells the students that no matter what they do or who they piss off in the department, the one person they don't want to do that to is me. That's about the time I'll bring out the light saber and begin my thing...

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  1. I am also fond of the faculty members who come to my office complaining loudly that they can't teach because there are no markers for the white boards in the classroom. Oh sure, let me drop everything and see if I can find you the supplies you need. My personal favorite was the professor who came in yelling about the Pepsi delivery guy making too much noise filling the vending machines. I'll get right on that.