Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remembering a wild party...

Oh gosh recalling my days in Hawaii prompted a memory of the night I held a huge party at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. I rented a really big room there with a balcony and view of the ocean and courtyard below. It was in the Tapa Tower. We filled the bathtub with ice and everyone brought beer. We listened to 80's music (well it was the 80's!) chatted, sat on the balcony, floor, beds, anywhere we could find seats and we all had a good time.

I remember we were all so tired from partying all night long that those who didn't take the duty van back to the base (last run was 1 am) just passed out in the room on beds, balcony and floor. What was really funny was waking up in the morning on top of the covers, having shared a bed (fully clothed mind you!) with a very passed out Bobby, Goose, and another one of our shipmates, I can't remember who it was at the moment. Len maybe? Don? Who the hell knows? I could barely function the next day I was so hungover. LOL. It was so much fun. Man we could get away with anything back then. I could never party like that again, I'd be yawning by 7 and asleep by 8!


  1. I came across your Blog searching for info on an Desk Chair, I just wanted to let you know that I respect what your doing.... about as much as I respect BP... You are a miserable, hateful, vengeful, pretentious, self absorbed, A-hole... Keep on doing what you do!

  2. GT, you're an idiot. Get a life.