Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Deepwater Disaster

Right now I don't know what to say about this. I've seen the pictures and all I can do is cry. The magnitude of this disaster is beyond belief. Yes I know that states will be affected in regards to tourism. Yes, I know that fishermen will be affected because of the loss of sea life. But the states will recover eventually as will the fishermen.

The greatest loss in my opinion is the wildlife.

Imagine being covered in oil and not being able to move, to clean it off of you, or to breathe. Imagine being stuck in it, dying a slow agonizing death. That is what is happening to the wildlife along the Gulf Coast. The ecology of nature is delicate and when imbalanced it creates a disaster that has a huge ripple effect. .

Sometimes I get so disgusted at what we as humans have done to this earth. We're supposed to be good stewards. What happened?

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  1. I'm with you. It breaks my heart to know what's happening out there every day. We can blame the Oil companies, and the politicians who allowed them to begin offshore drilling. They knew this could happen and they didn't give a damn. Now we have an sob judge who struck down the moratorium (sp?) on new drilling, because drilling will benefit him financially, and he is getting away with it! He should be shot on sight. So go ahead, and let the suits in the dark glasses come and get me, I really don't give a crap anymore. I'm fed up with the government and how they are running this country.