Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mexico joins suit against Arizona

Mexico is now joining in the lawsuit against Arizona in regards to the new anti-illegal immigration law in Arizona. Can you believe it?

Back in May I wrote this post detailing the main points of SB1070 which was passed and signed into law. I've read it more than once and can find nothing racist or hateful in it. The spirit of the law? It's to SAVE Arizona from being overrun by illegal aliens. SB1070 merely supports federal law which already exists stating that not only is illegal immigration a crime but so is harboring or aiding illegal immigration. SB 1070, much like federal law, limits the power of law enforcement authorities, that they cannot just stop for no valid reason. But you don't read or hear that do you? No, all you see and hear is how Arizona is a racist state and how much they hate Mexicans and how this law violates all sorts of civil rights.

Yeah try pulling that in any other nation in the world. Most nations in the world have anti-illegal immigration laws. You think if you pass over the border of any South American country illegally you won't be detained and imprisoned? Think if you enter any country in the Middle East or Asia illegally you won't be subject to punishment? Think again.

Federal law is clear on illegal immigration and yet administration after administration refuses to deal with it. They refuse to secure the borders and then tend to the mess that is already here. And year after year, hundreds of thousands of people enter this country illegally or overstay their Visa permanently.

How dare Mexico, a country with economic, social and political corruption many times that of the United States would even think that they have a say in the immigration policies of this nation. Mexican President Felipe Calderon is concerned that the rights of his citizens are at stake. Well maybe if Mr. Calderon and his corrupt regime were tending to the best interests and rights of Mexican citizens, so many would not feel the need to flee to the US in order to have a better life.


  1. Hi, Jess, and thanks for coming by!
    Are you KIDDING ME? MEXICO is joining the suit, joining our President's suit against Americans??
    When the H are we going to all WAKE UP and REALLY DO SOMETHING to stop this stuff? Every single day there seem to be 10 things which we'd have said "That would never happen in America" only five YEARS ago!! YIKES>

  2. Mexico should not have ANY standing in any American court on this or any other issue.

    How dare our elected officials support this!

    We should un-elect all those who support Mexico's nonexistent "right" to join this case.