Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missing classmates, Mexico, a shopping center, WTF??

Last night's rather dreams...all seemed to run together, one after the other. Not sure which one was first or last but here goes.

The Class of '87 had another reunion, I think it was an informal get-together. But people were missing. We couldn't locate them anywhere. There were a series of accidents. One mishap caused a whole chain of events that never should have happened. I remember an ambulance with a patient heading to a hospital crashed and caused another mishap, I don't know who was involved but it seems like I found out later on that most of my former classmates were involved in the mishaps that took place. I remember going to the football stadium during a game and one of my friends fathers was calling the game. He was not sitting in the booth though, he was in the crowd with one of those old microphones like you'd see in the principal's office. Anyway, I went up to him and asked him for the microphone and then I told the crowd that half of the Class of '87 was missing but I don't know what else I said.

Then I remember the class members got together, we had to cross this footpath across a valley in order to get to the person's house we were having it at. It was a wooden footbridge held up by ropes on the sides and it stretched a long way. We were carrying food and stuff across the bridge to where we were going. One wrong move and it could change everything. We were being so careful not to do anything out of the ordinary so we didn't cause a chain of events that was not supposed to take place. I remember getting to the last part of the footbridge, the wooden path was missing or burned away, I don't remember much after that. But in recalling the fact that a series of events took place killing a lot of people, events which NEVER should have taken place had it not been for one single was scary.

Later in the dream, I'm at this shopping center with a glass front. You had to enter through these glass doors in order to get to all the shops. The windows were slightly tinted and I think there was the name of an arcade on the outside but I can't remember. I went inside and there was this Chinese restaurant right inside the doors, you could order to go. I remember going to the counter a lot. I needed a ride home but when the evening shift in the restaurant began it was a different restaurant. It was like it was one restaurant before 6 pm and another restaurant (both Chinese) after 6 pm. I knew the people who worked there before 6 pm but not after and I didn't trust the people I didn't know to give me a ride home.

Outside in the parking lot were many cars, a few of which belonged to people I knew, I'd gone to elementary school with them I think. One in particular was an old friend from kindergarten. His car was full of crap in the back seat. Like years worth of books, clothes and stuff. I was cleaning it out but I can't remember why. He and someone else were sitting in the front seat and next to them was a car full of their friends. As they chatted I was going in and out of the car cleaning out the backseat looking for something.

At some point in time, in the same dream, I had these long pipes connected together with something about "lobster" on it and I took the pipes in my hand and walked into the shopping center with the pipes ahead of me, people were moving out of the way. I have no idea what that was all about.

I just remembered another part of the dream. Mom and dad were going on a mini vacation. I was at their house and asked where they were going, thought maybe they were just going out to dinner that day, but mom said they were going to Mexico that afternoon. I was thrilled for them but also told mom that she would need an awful lot more documents now than in the old days. I told her they needed a passport along with drivers license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. Then I proceeded to tell her about this ninety year old woman who needed to renew her license and had been married sixty years. She didn't even know where her marriage certificate was but she had to get it so she could PROVE that her married name was her married name--even though it was so for sixty years. Mom seemed frustrated. I told her that a friend of mine I work with had been to Mexico and he would be able to tell her exactly what was needed.

Then while at mom's house I was trying to find something to wear that matched. I was wearing hose too which I used to wear a lot but hate now. I was having a hard time finding something I liked, appropriate for whatever I was going to be doing later on, that matched perfectly.

I'm sure I'll remember more soon...

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  1. Your dreams are getting more and more difficult to figure out.