Friday, July 23, 2010

Sick of survival reality shows...

I am so sick of the reality survival shows. I made the mistake of watching a few where the guys wound up killing animals on the island, in the forest, or desert, for food. I guess I get pissed off because THEY ARE NOT REALLY LOST! It's a damn television program, there's a camera with them, they have help not far off. I don't have a problem with a person who is really and truly lost killing an animal (humanely) for food and using as much of the remaining animal as possible. But these bullshit reality show assholes kill these animals for entertainment. You might say "oh they are trying to show people how to survive" yeah ok, how many of us are going to be lost in the desert or on the island of Belize? PLEASE!


  1. So I have to know what show you were watching? My husband and I were watching Dual Survivor ( think that was the name) it was 2 guys one is barefoot with shorts even in the snow. They were supposed to be on an island but we saw where they faded out the power lines behind them. I am with you - why are they considered survival shows when they have so many people with in an arms reach to save them. There is another show where he is alone and actually sets up his camera. He eats the nastiest stuff!!!!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to share I so agree with you!

  2. Yep it was Dual Survivor, the one we were watching yesterday anyway. It pissed me off they killed that 3 ft Iguana. And they were "lost" in Belize. PLEASE! If I'm in Belize I'm going to be getting myself lost in the jungle DUH!!