Thursday, August 12, 2010

I was arrested!

I went to class to take an exam I wasn’t prepared for. I hadn't had time to finish reading the chapters so I told the person giving the exam I had been sick (which I had been just not prior to the exam). The person giving the exam was a proctor and not the actual professor.

She told me I had to take it and I said better to take it and get something than get a zero on it. There I was trying to take the exam, it was tough, it was matching terms or something. A lot of stuff I hadn't studied. Eventually a lot of people finished and left. My mom wound up in the room (I have no idea how or why) and somehow she was trying to help me by getting the answers from the instructor's manual. I was sitting on a bed or couch and trying to do this exam. She was near the teachers guide or something. I remember sitting somewhere and the teachers guide was near me when I tried to look at it, it was blurry so I couldn’t get a good luck while the teacher was out of the room.

Next thing I know, the teacher is there and he had heard me say something to the proctor about me sending an email to him (the prof) about needing more time to study as I had been sick. The professor never recalled getting my email. His name was Dr. Alex Courtelis (no relation to Alec Courtelis) and was an older man, dark hair with gray, dark skin, maybe Middle Eastern descent, perfect English.

Suddenly I am at this hotel and I must have needed a shower or something. There was this shower towards the back of the hotel room, in a small area surrounded by glass--glass you could see through, like large floor to ceiling windows. It was not a tub or anything, it was the kind of shower you might use at a beach after getting out of the water or at a pool just before you go in. I think another room adjoined it across the way or something. I went over to it and got under it fully dressed to clean up and next thing I know the people who were staying in the room were on the other side of the glass doing something and they got mad at me and called the police.(There's also this part of the dream in between all this where my shirt I wanted to wear to work had some pen marks on it and I tried to clean it).

Anyway, I told the people who were staying in the hotel room that me using their shower was a stupid thing to do but I can't remember what excuse I gave them. They had called the police, who got really nasty with me and the next thing I know the sheriff orders them to shackle my hands. I began screaming at them and the Sheriff was a real asshole and he decided since HE was the sheriff he would make my life miserable. He kept me sitting there outside with these things on my arms and refused to let me have a phone call or lawyer. I was angry and I told him where he could go and the more I yelled at him the more he vowed to make my life hell. And I told him I would sue him when I got out. The people who had called the cops, at first they were mad at me, VERY mad for using their shower, but then they began to get mad at the cop for being so mean. I began wishing I were a lawyer so I could sue them for violating my Constitutional rights. This young cop came up to me and told me I was making his job difficult but I didn’t care. I was pissed.

Then I woke up. The most vivid thing I remembered when I woke up was being really pissed off at the police and wanting to get back at that Sheriff using the law against him. It's odd because I am one who respects police. At the same time I'm very aware there are corrupt police, like there are corrupt people anywhere else. No more, no less. What was this dream all about?

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  1. Hmmm, you've got me stumped again. So I was helping you by getting the answers? I would never do such an unscrupulous thing, ask June. On second thought, don't.