Thursday, August 19, 2010

Man arrested for yelling at kids on school bus...

A guy in Stockbridge Georgia was arrested (click on link) for boarding his daughter's school bus and yelling at the 25 students on it. His daughter had come home crying that one of the boys on the bus was bullying her.

The guy has been charged with 25 counts of making "terroristic threats" and 25 counts of "child cruelty"

Are you KIDDING?

If your little girl came home crying because a boy was bullying her and nobody did anything about it, what would you do?

Terroristic acts and child cruelty my ASS. This guy was just protecting his daughter. And these days we should be THANKFUL for parents who step up to the plate and do it!


  1. If more parents actively defended their children, grade school and the buses that take the kids back and forth every day wouldn't be such a nightmare for a lot of them. I know first hand how bullies can ruin your school years, and the memories never leave. I didn't say anything to my parents because my mom would have raised hell, and I think I didn't want to draw any additional attention to the situation. But when I had my own children I didn't hesitate to defend them when they needed it. I'm sure there's a grown man somewhere out in the world today who still remembers a day many years ago when a mother tried to run him down with her pick-up truck because he bullied her daughter at school.

  2. Anonymous9/17/2010

    Was watching the news today about this where the commentary was: "She shouldn't have been riding the bus." WHAT!? As a parent of a challenged child who did ride the bus and was tormented in the beginning..and this was high school... I was lucky enough to have a high-spirited daughter who rode the same bus and "dared" anyone to look at him wrong. Some aren't that lucky to have a sibling to depend on. What is going on with the world when a child is allowed to be tormented in this manner? What was the bus driver doing during all of this that it was allowed to happen?
    Why wasn't it reported to school officials?
    The man is protecting his daughter and it is viewed as an act of "terrorism" and "child cruelty"? Where because he simply intervenes? I think the terrorist acts and cruelty come into play with the kids who were doing the "torturing." I have the answer...drag the kids behind the school bus for a block or two. Let THEM feel the pain!

  3. I totally understand where this father is comin seems this bullying starts at an early 6 yr old son in the 1st grade was in the rest room with a friendan 2 fourth graders came in an terrorized them...I'm glad my son had the smarts to tell the come to find out this school has a zero tolerance for any bullying....they did not take this lightly..but I did inform them if they did not handle the situation..i.would....because one u tell someone it should be handled and if not we have an obligation as parents to protect our just remember this ...bullying is done by all ages boys an even girls... We need to teach our kids the difference between being a snitch and standing up for their selves...if we do it soon enough we won't have so much hatred when they reach high school..this starts with us as parents....

  4. Anonymous9/21/2010

    I think he done the right thing in defending his daughter. I would have done no different. She can't defend herself against the other children. The children that were bullying her should be punished and kicked off the bus. This is what is wrong with the world today, the kids were violent and nothing happened to them....what does that teach them, that they can be violent and get away with it. Shame on those kids parents for not standing up for the man because they raised their kids to be violent!!! The kids and parents owe the father and daughter an apology. All charges should be dropped!!!

  5. Anonymous9/21/2010

    This guy deserves an award. I'm not litigious but in this case the father should take the school district to the cleaners for not instructing the bus driver on how to provide a safe environment for his daughter.

  6. Anonymous9/22/2010

    If I ever run into this guy I will buy him a beer , pat him on the back - and say I would do the same thing!!

  7. Anonymous11/10/2010

    This man is a hero! He needs to have all charges dropped and the school needs to be looked at for not doing anything about it, and where was the bus driver in this whole thing its that person that should have trouble sleeping at night!!!

  8. Anonymous11/26/2010

    Support this man 100%. He is a hero and a wonderful father. If it was my kid, I'd be up there doing the same thing.

    Those kids need a scare like that if they are unable to understand that the verbal and physical abuse they demonstrated is not okay to do to ANYBODY. No child should be afraid to go to school. Shame on the headlines that say "Man threatens to kill a bus full of children." Shame on the child who says "A man can't just threaten to kill a bunch of kids like that." Shame on the school for not doing anything. This story is so backwards and twisted that it disgusts me. The mothers of the bullies SHOULD be brought to tears, out of embarassment for raising such brats.

    Support this father 100%. There should be more people like him out there.

  9. I am the mother of a 8 year old boy and I also had this problem. Prior to me getting on the bus(I did not curse) I tried multiple times to have this situation resolved with the school,bus co and the district. No real help or solution came about until I told my son,(one day after he came home crying) I know that mommy wants you to go to school and study but lets look at it if you dont stick up for yourself you had this problem last year the year before and now! What do you think we should do. My son went to school and right now I just got off the phone with my sons school which just stated to me that THE BOY THAT IS A BULLIE ON THE BUS WILL RECIEVE 3 DAYS SUSPENSION WHILE MY SON WILL RECIEVE INDEFINATE SUSPENTION OFF THE BUS (2010-2011) DUE TO THE FACT THAT MY SON FINALLY STOOD UP FOR HIS SELF AND BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF THE BULLIE WHICH I HAVE HAD TO TAKE OFF WORK SEVERAL TIMES TO DEAL WITH> NOW THAT MY SON FAUGHT BACK AND FX HIS NOSE ITS A PROBLEM!!!!! I never want someones child to end up in the ER but people can only take so much even if we are talking about CHILDREN! The principal also stated that he was shocked when he reviewed the tape . MY son is quiet with all AAAAAAAAAA's and really handeled himself.