Friday, September 17, 2010

Facebook is a love/hate thing

I'm pretty good at this research thing. I've been successful at finding dozens upon dozens of elementary school classmates, military friends and extended family (most of whom I'm related to but never met or knew existed!) and they're on facebook with me now. I feel pretty good about having brought so many people together. Old friends are talking because of me, people are sharing memories because of me. Secretly I hate facebook for one reason, there is absolutely NO way to contact a live person for help. But secretly I love it because it's allowed me to find old friends, family and others who I have a connection to who have all contributed in one way or another to the goodness of my life.

If facebook could work two little bugs:  the one where you are unable to report someone who sends a threatening or nasty message and then immediately blocks you (the function to report disappears) and the one where you can't get a hold of a live person in customer service, I could completely love it, openly and honestly instead of secretly! So for now--facebook you SUCK but I do love ya! Just don't make this public ok?  :D

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