Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had a dream the other night that my mom told me she never loved me, never cared about me. We were living with mom and dad I think and it came out and I was so very upset, I was just devastated. All those years, she never cared, never loved me. I was so upset I refused to even look at her. I told DH we had to move out. We began looking for a place. Dad was in the dream and he tried to get me to talk to mom but I refused. I was pissed, I was hurt, I was angry. When I woke up of course I knew it was all just a dream, mom really does love me but I cannot even express to you the level of devastation I felt in that dream.

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  1. That was a terrible, terrible dream! Do you realize how often I've thanked God for giving you to me?