Thursday, September 30, 2010

The more things change, the more they really do stay the same.

I've been doing some research lately on a paper I'm preparing for a class. One of the possible topics, which I passed on (because there were so many good ones!), was the portrayal of the family on television over the last 60 years. Over those past 60 years, TV sitcoms have moved from white middle class families (where the father worked, the mother stayed home and took care of the household, and the kids were good kids--they went to school, dressed appropriately, and didn't drink, curse, or have sex) to complete and total dysfunction where the daughters are sluts, the sons are idiots, the fathers are losers and the mother is really the only one in the household with a clue.

Think about the way men are portrayed on television these days. In sitcoms the men are portrayed as idiots, the women are the smart ones. It wasn't that long ago (or maybe it was?) that the men were the head of the household and the women were their meager servants in heels and pearls. I'm not saying that it should still be that way. Of course not. But was it ever really that way? Or was it just portrayed that way because that's what society thought the ideal society was supposed to be like? Maybe the term "good old days" is just relative to the time and place. We think the 1950s was a great time because we're comparing it to the times we live in now. Fifty years from now they'll be talking about now as the "good old days". 

So what this means is that families have always been screwed up. Since day one. The years haven't changed anything!  Mom's really going to love that!!

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