Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ever dream you can't find your car?

I do-all the time!

I'm known for my strange dreams. Sometimes I go for weeks having dreams about the same thing. Last night's dream had me at work and when I left I could not find my car. It was close to 3:30 and I had to pick DH up from work and I was desperate to find the car but I couldn't locate it anywhere. I was looking for my 1991 Maroon Grand Am which I owned years ago. I walked the perimeter of campus which seemed to take forever. In the dream the parking areas looked like not only the ones that are at the University but also at the high school I attended so long ago. I have a lot of dreams I can't find my car at the high school and at work. It was a hot day when I was walking to find it. I was carrying lots of stuff too, it was very uncomfortable. It got to be later--3:45, 4:00 and still I hadn't found it. I would have called him to let him know but he didn't have a phone on him.

While I was walking around desperately trying to find my car, I was playing a fiddle, but I wasn't using a bow, I was using my fingers, almost like a banjo. It sounded pretty good too. I walked through a store apparently as I was trying to find my car. When I was outside again, walking, I passed Gavin Macleod in his "Captain Steubing" uniform (you Love Boat fans know who I mean here). Someone said to him "Hello Captain Steubing" and he nodded his head. He looked young like he did back then and he was talking to another "Captain".

Also as I was walking, I realized my skirt was up slightly in the back, not showing anything but I had to pull it down. All that walking and shifting all the stuff I was carrying must have done it. I can't remember what else happened but I woke up when the alarm went off.

So the big things here:  the fiddle which I played really well (this was the first dream about a fiddle), being late to pick DH up from work (a recurring theme) and I couldn't find my car (another recurring theme). Why do I keep having dreams about the car? I will let you know what happens because I have this cool ability to pick up a dream where I left off the night before :D

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