Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Best candidate vs. Lesser of two evils

So...the Republicans took the House and the Democrats have the Senate. That's the kind of balance of power I like to see. With the big turnover, it might be safe to say "the people have spoken."   But there's something bothering me about that. How many votes yesterday were for the best candidate and how many were for the lesser of two evils

How many people were elected yesterday simply because the other major party candidate was in their minds, a worse choice? How many people cast a vote for someone they didn't truly believe in just because they felt they had to do everything possible to keep the other guy out? I used to do that and then I realized that voting for someone I had no confidence in just to be sure the other guy didn't get elected was the same as throwing my vote away. I couldn't live with that.  If neither of the two major party candidates is the best one for the job then I vote for another candidate who I feel is better suited. My die-hard Republican friends tell me a vote for the third party is like a vote for the Democrats. That may be true but at least my conscience is clear. In the mad attempt to do anything and everything necessary to make sure the other guy doesn't get elected, I feel like we've lost sight of the real meaning of the vote.

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  1. Anonymous11/05/2010

    Awesome post!!! And so right on point. Melissa