Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“We should expect and depend on affluent people to pay the bills”

....that was the quote of Alachua County Commissioner Paula Delaney at a swearing-in ceremony of a fellow commissioner. Delaney turned what was supposed to be a happy ceremony into her own political soapbox. She began the argument that lowering property tax bills would harm the poor people in Alachua County who depend on government programs.

Politicians say the stupidest things at the most inappropriate moments, don't they?

I can go along with social programs, there are some we need and without them, those who benefit would be an even greater burden on society. But seriously, to use what was intended to be a joyous celebration to jump on one's political soapbox and to insult people in the community who have worked hard and been able to accumulate some financial success, is just completely stupid .

We ALL have a responsibility to our community and our country. It is just wrong for one segment of the population to carry the rest.

I could say a lot more here but just thinking about this just makes me angry. So let's just leave it at "Paula Delaney is an idiot" and move on.

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  1. Anonymous11/17/2010

    It is a requirement of being a Politician to say things at inappropriate times, be stupid, lie and play the blame game!