Saturday, December 11, 2010

What was your moment?

I would like to think that every one of us has experienced a moment in our lives when another person said or did something that inspired us. That inspiration may have led us in any number of directions. While some may have been inspired to make changes in their own lives, others may have been inspired to do something that changed the lives of others. Inspiration comes in many forms and can have many different results. To be inspired by someone is an amazing thing, but to inspire is even greater.

I would find it very interesting to hear the many stories from people from all walks of life who have inspired and/or been inspired. I think it would make a great book, don't you?


  1. Anonymous12/12/2010

    I used to teach a class at work in which one of the topics was inspiring others. We asked the class to answer several questions that would than lead them to a realization that the best managers inspire thier employees. Many times we dont realize who we inspire. We just do and it forever stays in that persons memory. I always started out the conversation with my own story. One I think you know. As a teen working a full time job because I had to, my grades were terrible to say the least. I woke up at 6 to feed several animals - horses, chickens, sheep, a cow. The list goes on. Than there was school. After that cheerleading practice. And finally six hours of working in a fast food place. When I got home I was not going to do homework. Likly the stuburn child in me speaking. When it was time to look into colleges, a unnamed guidance conseler said I should go into the military since I was "not college material" or I'd "be stuck flipping burgers fir the rest of me life." Heart broken I confided in the one teacher I felt cared more than anyother. She told me I COULD go to college, and without a dought, be anything I wanted. That conversation is forever embeded within me. I do still work in that same burger joint - but have been very successful doing so having worked in several corporate level departments in a number of states. I also have my Master's degree all because one teacher inspired me and encouraged me. For me, that conversation in 1988 changed my self esteem and my life. - Wendy

  2. Love that story Wendy!!!