Sunday, January 30, 2011

No takesie backsies here...

I had a conversation with mom the other day, it was actually kind of funny. You see, I told her that there is a slight possibility that I may move my two week road trip vacation to California from May to September. I told her I'm not cancelling it, just giving myself a "Plan B". I'm actually known far and wide for my "Plan B" as I always say you've got to have a backup plan in case of a SNAFU.  So during the course of this conversation with mom, she says,  "well you know your grandmother is planning to drop dead in May when your vacation was originally scheduled so really maybe you should call her first and make sure it's ok to postpone until the fall? You know, to make sure she doesn't have any other plans?"

This of course is in reference to my recent post (click on link) where I talk about how my grandmother suddenly decided that mom should have her power-of-attorney (I currently have it) while I'm on vacation in case she drops dead. I'm not kidding, she really said that and what's worse is she means it.   Now it's one thing to pick your drop dead date and announce it, but seriously---to change it? Whatever happened to "no takesie backsies?" I mean is there no honor left?  When you pick a date, you stick to it. You can't just go around screwing up everyone else's plans just because you want to get the last word in. Really now. You tell people and then they put it on their Outlook task lists, their calendars and planner,  they rearrange their schedules to accommodate your passing and then you change it? So not a way to pack the church at one's funeral!

It kind of reminds me of this scene from "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" which is one of my most favorite comedies ever. Mickey Rooney (Dingy) and Buddy Hackett (Benji) are begging a pilot (Jim Backus) to fly them to Rosita Beach (to search for the hidden treasure under the Big "W" but they don't tell him that...) 

Dingy: "You see our grandmother lives in Rosita Beach, see, and she's dying and she would kinda like to have us with her when she goes" 

Benjy: "Otherwise she won't go"

That's sort of what we have here. If I don't go on vacation, she's not going to go. At least not till she knows it's the perfect time to get in the last word.

The only thing I can think of is not to tell her when I'm taking my vacation and then she won't know when to kick the bucket. Of course I could make this really fun and just keep postponing my vacation and she'll just have to keep changing the date. Now that would really be funny!

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  1. LOL! If she ever read this she'd kill both of us!

    I think we should end this subject though, I'm beginning to get a tinge of guilt.