Monday, January 31, 2011

Standing on the side of freedom...

With all the hype over the situation in Egypt I just thought I'd weigh in with my two cents. I'm on the side of freedom, period. If the people want it, I say let them have it.

The Egyptian military spokesman called for an end to the protests and told the protesters that their message and demands had been heard by the government.  But what if being heard isn't enough? Just recall the early history of our own nation. It began with words (and most definitely not being heard) and ended with bloodshed. There were two choices: accept tyranny or reject it. Americans rejected it and in the end freedom won.

There are those who fear that if Mubarek (whose presence graces the list of World's Worst Dictators) steps down, a radical Muslim faction will take the reigns and so much for freedom. There is that possibility. Then again, there was always the possibility the American colonies would lose their fight to England and become even more reigned in by an angry tyranny. But did the patriots give up? No, even with some very close calls they kept fighting and in the end America won her freedom.

We don't understand what life is like under oppressive rule. Even with all the crap that goes on behind the scenes in Washington, we still live in a free nation. There are not some 30,000 political prisoners incarcerated in America. Americans are not prevented from dissenting peacefully against their government. Our internet and other forms of communication are not censored. We are not oppressed and intimidated to the point where only 3% of the people show up at the polls on election day. If millions of Egyptians are protesting in the streets against a corrupt government and a dictator, that's saying something about the situation they live with every day. Who are we to stop them just because we fear what might happen? 

If the people of Egypt want change, let them have it. They have a right to it and we should support it, even if it means the possibility of someone else taking charge. Free nations were not born overnight and free nations in the Middle East are nearly non-existent. We should be supporting this fight. When asked "Where do you stand as a nation?" regarding the situation in Egypt, the collective response should simply be "We stand on the side of freedom", no more, no less.

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  1. I totally agree with you Jess. Very well written.