Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blow the Somali pirate ships out of the water

What happens when you don't take action against terrorists? They win. From the moment Somali pirate ships began taking hijacking merchant vessels, we should have been out there with a major show of force escorting merchant vessels and blowing the pirate ships out of the water. Instead, we did nothing. And now, four Americans are dead. I'm not blaming the Navy, their hands are tied. We don't want any international incidents do we?  The pirates are the same as terrorists and it's time to treat them as such. When FOUR US Navy warships trail a yacht hijacked by Somalis and the four innocent Americans on board are killed, one has to wonder what in hell is going on here? Crews of merchant vessels should be allowed to arm themselves (many ports of call do not allow the introduction of weapons into their waters).

We don't negotiate with terrorists of any kind. And so perhaps if we begin blowing their ships out of the water they'll get the message that their barbaric behavior will no longer be tolerated.

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