Saturday, February 05, 2011

It's all about family in this week's [H]ouse...

I absolutely loved 7x11 "Family Practice"

The mood lighting was excellent. Dark episode, lots of rain, dark clothing...perfect!


Loved the House-Team scenes. Laughed my ass off at Loved House and the team watching cartoons, House's reaction TO the cartoon (he's such a kid!), the way the team placed bets on who House was hiding from, the way they all looked at him when Cuddy says to House "this is my mother"....

Loved all the House-Cuddy scenes. Loved their arguments/discussions and the non-verbal communication. Something fascinating about the argument in House's office where she confronts him about switching the meds, and how he talks to her, the way he says to her "you told me to keep you out of it, do what i needed to do, the hell'd you think that meant?" (I've NEVER heard House sound like that before) and all of their arguments seem on a more deeper level, as a couple, NOT as diagnostician vs. Dean of Med adversary.

House/Martha. Martha for being so damn righteous LOL (I wish she'd stay!) Loved that he recognized his weakness---that he needs a moral compass, a conscience to keep him in line so that Cuddy doesn't have to jeopardize her job or their relationship.

I felt bad for the way Arlene treated Cuddy and then I began thinking maybe she treats Cuddy like that because Cuddy lets her? Maybe Julia stands up to her mom and that's why they have a better relationship?

I'd love to see what's in Cuddy's yearbook!

And WTF with House setting up Martha, though did he really do it? Seriously? Or was he bluffing?

Great episode all around.

I missed Wilson but his presence/conscience would have interfered with the dynamic flow of this whole situation. Wilson would have no doubt been too much of a conscience here for both House AND Cuddy.

You know how for years Cuddy always saved House? This time House saved Cuddy in more ways than one. This case wasn't about the puzzle, it was about Cuddy. He wanted to save her mom for no other reason than for Cuddy. House has himself been saved by Cuddy (and Wilson) by toughlove before and now he gave a little dose by pushing Cuddy to be the strong person he knows and admires. She is NEVER one to back down from a fight except with her mother. House could no longer sit by and watch her give in, that's just NOT the Cuddy he knows. And by telling just how he was taking it personally with the comment about one day, a week from now, or a year she'd be blaming the man who sleeps next to her for her mother's death was incredibly MOVING and spoke volumes about how much he needs her in his life.

I never saw House as arrogant in this episode, he was just protecting Cuddy and by forcing her to confront her mother, he was MORE supportive than if he'd just sat there with his arms around her letting her cry. House may have saved her relationship with her mother and made it stronger and he helped Cuddy let go of some past demons related to her relationship with her mom. He also helped strengthen their relationship. He definitely was taking this case personally and that was something unusual for House.

What I see here is a stronger bond between House and Cuddy, a deeper respect, admiration and commitment. House still has issues to resolve like the fears of committing to being a father figure to Rachel, a lifetime relationship with Cuddy.

House's biggest challenge will likely be overcoming the above fears as well as figuring out how to cool his heels at work a bit while still being the arrogant ass with a God complex who saves people's lives WITHOUT jeopardizing his relationship with Cuddy (or their jobs) doing it.

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