Monday, February 07, 2011

This is how you sing our National Anthem!

Every year the day after the Super Bowl I have to watch this video so I can remember the good old days.  

Nobody does it like Whitney.

I remember the night. It was January 27, 1991. I lived in the Old Hyde Park area of Tampa. We had a Super Bowl party and all eyes were glued to the television. Most of us had graduated from high school in the 80's when Whitney was at her peak and we all loved her, so we were excited at the prospect of hearing her sing the National Anthem. Many of us were military folks, including active duty and veterans, and there was a war going on in the Gulf and things were pretty heated, making the meaning of this song even more significant. We were having a great time, partying, eating great food, drinking great beer and when Frank Gifford announced Whitney, everyone got quiet. As she moved through the Anthem with grace and perfection we could feel the prickling of goosebumps on our skin. Then the jets from MacDill AFB which was not far from us, flew over the Stadium. You could hear them and feel their power and the entire experience from start to finish was amazing.

I shake my head in disgust at how so-called musical artists of this new era continue to butcher our National Anthem to pieces. Stop putting so much "soul" into it, stop butchering it. Let it FLOW naturally. If they can't do it with grace and style like Whitney, just don't do it at all.

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  1. I still get goose-bumps when I hear that song.