Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[H]ouse, M.D. Episode 7x16 "Out of the Chute"

First, LOVED the opening scene, that was amazing! Great shots and editing there!

Second, poor Masters, she can't get a break. But she's trying. I almost hoped that cowboy would accept her modest proposal to go out sometime.

Third, Foreman and Chase, I love them. They are great together!

Fourth, once again the title of the show corresponds perfectly to the POTW and to House.


Last night we finally saw just how deep House's pain really goes. He is simply reacting and going through the motions and I felt so bad for him.

House is sad, terrified, confused, angry, lonely and empty inside. I don't think I've ever seen House as angry as I saw him last night, especially when he talked to Cuddy and told her to get the hell out of his way. He is a very depressed man who looks and feels completely LOST. I felt so bad for him. It was evident from the beginning he was trying to wallow in self-pity in an effort to feel better. The amount of cash that lay in the bowl on the table in his hotel room to be used at his whim for any and everything, the number of hookers (6) that he went through, the amount of pills and alcohol, using the bow and arrow, everything he did was some method to ease his pain. The hookers were just bodies for him to use, there was no feeling, no real satisfaction, just an attempt to remove himself from feeling his pain. All the methods he used last night were superficial and an attempt to feel something good. Sadly none of them worked, nor did saving his patient's life which for House is usually a big deal. In the end he was left with a huge void he could not fill. The only thing that did make him feel alive again was "living on the edge". The look on his face when he jumped, when he was underwater--I knew he was in big trouble. Living dangerously is the only thing that will give him excitement now. He's going to take risks he never took before and he's going to make hasty and not very well-thought out decisions. Living this way could cost him everything--his job, Cuddy and Wilson as his friends, and his life. And in the end I really don't think he wants to lose any of them, no matter how bad he feels.

I'm hoping the return of Thirteen helps him. If anyone knows what it is like to live on the edge, she does. Her excuse? She's dying. But I think Thirteen went away not to live dangerously but to think and ponder and maybe enjoy her life. I hope she comes back and in some small way can help House. If anyone knows what it's like to face her fears head-on (after having lived in denial for so long) it's Thirteen.

I felt awful for Cuddy too in this episode. She hurts as much as he does because she loves him so much. I do not believe that Cuddy has convinced herself completely that she is better off without him and made the right choice. I think she wants to believe it, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I think this is probably one of the hardest things she's ever had to do because she does love him and does care so much about him. No doubt she already misses their friendship as does he. They really thought they could work and frankly I think they could have if TPTB would have given them a chance and I still believe there is hope for them. I was torn for Cuddy when I realized she wanted to give House a second chance but remained firm that this was about what she deserves too. But let's face it, Cuddy is as dysfunctional and screwed up as House. She is a control-freak and a perfectionist and has certain expectations about a relationship which she refuses to bend. That's fine as long as you understand your partner isn't perfect and you are willing to work with them. Like House, Cuddy sucks at relationships. I really believe Cuddy wanted this relationship to work, they both did. From the beginning though both seemed to do little things to sabotage it, probably because from the very beginning they went into it thinking it wouldn't last. If you go into a relationship with that attitude, it won't last because both parties are constantly walking on eggshells wondering when the end is near.

House and Cuddy are made for each other because they are so damn dysfunctional. They can't help but be drawn to each other. For all his flaws House has a lot of redeeming qualities about him which Cuddy loves and admires. Actually I think she somewhat admires some of his flaws too. House is the one person she could always be herself with and the one person who knows her better than she knows herself. (Lucas, while he may have loved Cuddy never truly understood her like House does). House always accepted Cuddy and her dysfunctionality and perfectionism. Oh it annoyed him but he accepted it as she accepted his faults, going so far as to protect him every chance she got. Neither Cuddy nor House ever had to pretend with each other. They can be at each other's throats one minute and be laughing the next. They accepted each other, they trusted each other and they were comfortable with each other. They could always read each other's thoughts and call each other's bluff. They also knew how to support one another when need be and how to get on each other's last nerve when called for. House on many occasions pushed Cuddy to be a better administrator and doctor because he knew that she would accept no less, from him or herself and in return Cuddy was the "no" that House needed on many an occasion. House and Cuddy are without a doubt, each other's conscience. It's why they are so perfect together because they are so flawed. But each individual has the ability to make the other a better person. Mind you NOT perfect, but better and that's ok.

Remember the episode earlier this season titled "Unwritten"--when House was desperately trying to find things they had in common and Cuddy confronted him and told him that she likes uncommon because common is boring and he makes her a better person and hopefully she makes him a better person, that she likes what they have and has never been happier. Where is that House and Cuddy? These are not weak people, they are strong, much stronger than they are being portrayed. I don't mind seeing them go through angst but tearing up their relationship like this and pitting them against each other is nonsense. Let's get back to the strong characters we have known for nearly seven years, strong characters who have been in a relationship for over twenty years. And yes, House and Cuddy may not have been lovers but they have had a relationship that has spanned nearly half their lives, that MEANS something here. The idea of throwing it all away after six months makes no sense at all. There were developments all along seasons 1-6 that brought them slowly but surely closer together. And in Season 7, they both tried so hard, though they are flawed, they wanted this to work. So we just erase all strides made since the beginning? I don't get it.

I can't tell you how awful I felt for House last night watching him abuse both his body and his mind with alcohol, unfeeling sex and drugs, in an effort to fill a void left by the woman he loves, but at his core a void which was begun a long time ago long before Cuddy, Stacy or the infarction came along. I can see where House may do some really stupid things to himself and others while he's feeling like this but we were told via interview that people would get worse before they got better. I'm counting on that. I'm counting on the long friendship House has had with both Wilson and Cuddy to help him through this. I'm also counting on House and Cuddy hurting each other but eventually finding their way back to each other once again, eventually when the time is right. Because I really feel like she's the only woman who can soothe his soul.

So, what do TPTB plan to do NOW? Our three major characters are in turmoil. The first is living dangerously on the edge, the second is feeling guilt-ridden over having caused it, and the third is watching his two best friends fall apart literally before his eyes and there's nothing he can do for them.

In addition to some good POTW stories, there are stories here about these three that need to be told. There's more to them than we're seeing here. Time to explore this.

I am hoping that TPTB are moving us in a forward direction here. I really do hope so. I also continue to hope they begin to explore House's inner turmoils (as I mentioned last week) because there's more behind recent reactions than just Cuddy breaking up with him, this self-destructive behavior has gone on for years. It doesn't seem logical that the brilliant genius like House would be codependent, needy and self-destructive for so many years prior to Cuddy because of Stacy or his leg because of his leg. It goes deeper than that. The trust issues he has with people, the fear of loving and being loved, or opening himself up to feelings are at the very heart of his problem. Why does he not trust anyone? Where did that come from? And how can it be resolved? Again, NOT asking for a perfect happy House, just asking for a House who has worked his ass off to be clean for two years, who has really tried to find something meaningful in his life, to be given a chance to work towards that, even if he has to take a few steps backwards to do it. And in the meantime he deserves to have his two best friends beside him through this journey as painful as it might get for all of them.

This idea that people don't change is ludicrous because people do change. We've seen our three major characters change over the last six and a half years. Sometimes they took steps forward, sometimes back but no question these three endured a metamorphosis since day one based on the experiences they've been through. Oh sure, at their core there are still some things about them that will never change, it's part of what makes them who they are. Wilson will always be a mother hen, Cuddy will always be a control freak and House will always be a sarcastic pain in the ass, but regardless, they all have changed. Change doesn't have to be bad, it can be good.

I'm keeping the faith that my favorite show, one I have followed faithfully since day one, is not losing its edge, but rather playing this out to a deeper much more meaningful season end. The House we saw last night is a House in pain, and we've seen that same House through the last six and a half years. It was hard to watch then it's damn painful now because, despite claims by TPTB, we KNOW House can change when he wants to change, when he has a reason to change. The key is for it to stick, House he has to do it for the RIGHT reasons. House was clean for two years, and even though he was still an ass, he did make some important changes in his life. He did it because he wanted to be happy. He still doesn't think he deserves happiness but he was trying. He can still be an ass, but I think his character deserves some credit for the two years he worked his ass off to stay clean and try to improve his personal relationships. If he could do it then for Cuddy, he can do it now for himself. If he can find a way to do this for himself, he can have what he wants. I don't expect his journey to be easy, but I expect it to make sense.

Based on the previews, good grief, there's no telling where this is going next week. House marrying this Dominicka chick? The only thing I can come up with is he met her at some bar and she needs a green card, and she'll promptly haul ass after a quickie annulment/divorce and we'll never see her again. Menwhile, he's doing this to hurt Cuddy? That's just not like House. The House we once knew was an ass but never did anything to intentionally hurt Cuddy. He only ever hurt her when he was in pain just as she never intentionally hurt him either unless she was in pain. So now where is this going? Are these two going to battle it out and spiral out of control to the point where one or both of them gets hurt much worse? Are they going to hit rock bottom? Will they be able to find their way back to what they once had? And not just as lovers but remember they had lot more than that for over twenty years, that you can't erase in six months. They have a long standing friendship and they trusted one another. How far will they go? Are TPTB going to take our favorite characters on a wild "out of character" ride where we don't recognize them anymore?

Last night I felt the pain of House, Cuddy and Wilson and THAT is because three amazing actors are giving three AMAZING performances! That is why I stick around because they are so incredibly talented. They take these scripts and perform pure magic with their words and actions! We're talking Emmy-worthy here! Again, I am awe inspired by Hugh, Lisa and Bob's incredibly amazing performances. We may not like some of the scripts they're reading right now but the acting is superb in every way!

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